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Quality Focus

Serving the OEM industry across North America as well as across the globe, our mission is to hire the most highly qualified people in management, engineering, tooling, production and quality control in order to ensure that our customers have the best possible products available.

Quality Testing

Our 41,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Toronto, Ontario supports extensive testing to ensure each of our products meets our own self-imposed standards for excellence.

  • Accelerated Exposure Test - SAE J1885

    Simulates extreme environmental conditions encountered inside a vehicle due to sunlight (UV), heat and humidity. If present, harmful effects on a dash trim part can be observed such as fading, cracking and delaminating.

  • Flammability Test - FMVSS 302

    Dash trim parts are put through various burn and flame tests to ensure compliance with Federal Motor Vehicles Safety Standard (FMVSS) #302.

  • Impact Test

    After a dash trim part is impacted with an object, its resistance and/or failure to breakage is observed.

  • Abrasion Test

    the effects of common nicks and scratches that can occur on interior trim parts during normal operation are simulated after 1000 cycles of abrasion testing.

  • Chemical Resistance Test

    Common fluids used for automotive applications such as gasoline, motor oil, brake fluid, engine coolant and washer fluid are applied separately to the clear coat, looking for harmful effects such as fogging, discoloration, smearing and grazing.

  • Other

    Moisture meter testing, gloss meter testing and color match testing are other test that ensure our products meet the quality standards that are our mission.


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