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Why Sherwood Innovations?

A career with Sherwood Innovations Inc. means joining a team that is committed to providing the absolute best for both, customers and employees. We aspire to work with enthusiastic and passionate candidates with unique skills and experience. Candidates will have the opportunity to work alongside and learn from top professionals in the automotive sector. We are a proud Canadian company that continues to grow in all capacities.


Employees at Sherwood Innovations are afforded the opportunity to develop unique skills throughout their career. Sherwood Innovations Inc. takes pride in its multicultural workforce, comprised of dedicated employees that have garnered a broad range of experience from around the world. Our management team is committed to maintaining a positive culture and high levels of teamwork in all areas of the business.


Our 41,000 sq ft. plant located in Toronto is home to state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Sherwood Innovations Inc. is the only manufacturer of dash kits for the aftermarket that is OEM-TS16949 certified. We strongly believe in ongoing improvement, and continue to make strides in all aspects of the business, especially in the areas of operations and research and development. We offer candidates the perfect environment to foster skill development and growth. Sherwood Innovations Inc. also encourages team-based learning so that employees are involved in and learn from different departments within the company. The opportunity to learn and grow is simply infinite!

Current Opportunities


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